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From Laure Latham’s Green Parenting column in the SF Examiner and Blog:

San Francisco Examiner Green Parenting from March 2010

Frog Mom blog review

“I thought it was great because I’m from San Francisco and I didn’t know this was here.”

“Whenever I come here with my family I’ll point things out to them.”

“It’s like a treasure hunt but you’re learning along the way!”

-Sixth graders on a class field trip

“For 15 years I’ve wanted to poke around Grand View Peak, but I never found the time until Urbia put together its passport to Islands in the Sky. Finally I discovered that amazing wild land in the heart of the Sunset and got to explore it with my family. My girls can’t wait for our next Urbia adventure.”
-Larry Habegger

“It was so much fun, that my son wants to do this for his birthday party with his friends. I’m very grateful to the Urbia folks for saving me a lot of work and presenting a wonderful, fun and educational treasure hunt right in our neighborhood. THANKS for a great day!” –Martina R.

“We often try to have an outdoor experience with guidebooks and they are too adult-oriented. This is perfect for our kids.” -Mary Inman

“We attended our first URBIA adventure last Sunday with four kids and they all have a blast! The guide handout was perfect for all ages of our group, with all the surprises and challenges in store. It was fun learning on a Sunday!” -Martin from Alameda

Your treasure hunt books’ layout with lots of pictures was especially nice for my 3 year old, who doesn’t read yet. While I expected a fun nature hike, I was really surprised at my young daughter’s ability to “get” the clues, and her excitement when we finished the treasure hunt. Thanks!    – Casey’s Mom

“I really enjoyed watching them transform curious kids into REALLY curious and excited kids, over and over.” ~Dan Rademacher, Bay Nature Magazine

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